Review: Bagail Travel Products

We all know that rush of planning, packing and organizing before we head off on our next adventure, should I only bring a carry on, should I take a backpack or a messenger back for sightseeing? The questions we ask ourselves before we jet off are always there but tend to decrease once we travel more and find those travel products we love.

I myself love trying new products and different types of bags to make my trips easier. When I first began traveling I would always over pack, I’d bring too much everything. Now, I have found an easy more accommodating way to travel. Of course depending on the length of my travels this changes but I normally now pack all my necessities in one carry-on whether it be a large backpack on wheels on a regular suitcase.  Then I bring a small backpack that I can use for sightseeing. Something that isn’t going to be a hassle to carry around but also a decent size to fit my camera, wallet and small souvenirs.

This is where Bagail comes in, Bagail is a site full of all sorts of different travel products for men and women. As mentioned above we all have different preferences when traveling, and Bagail caters to all of our preferences. The website offers all sorts of products from vintage canvas bags, outdoor multi pocket bags, to multi functional luggage.

Sometimes we forget that people travel for all sorts of reasons aside from pleasure or business. It’s not just black and white, there are colors in between. Therefore, we need different types of things to accommodate our travel purposes.

I noticed that Bagail thought outside the box for those varying travel purposes for example, hiking enthusiasts can get a glimpse of their camping bag, the film creator can easily organize their electronics with the electronics accessory pack, and the  makeup artist can find makeup cosmetic transparent bag.

2017 New Arrival Sweet School Rucksack Hollow Flowers Backpack for Girls- Courtesy of

For me I personally enjoy the rucksack hollow backpack for girls– I especially like this one because it’s the easy backpack style I mentioned earlier, not to big to be a disturbance, cute and fashionable that I can wear it anyplace my travels take me and big enough to fit my must-have items like: my camera, wallet, and small souvenirs. It also has a small pocket in the front that is perfect for maps or brochures. I personally love to collect these when traveling and like to pull them out easily when sightseeing, and this backpack makes it easy to grab. The straps are adjustable, simple to adjust to your personal preference and it keeps it shape. The backpack has just the right amount of girly with cute flowers, and the best part is that it comes in three different colors. Perfect for any girl and their clothing color palette. The bag comes in black, pink and grey.

For a further look into the Bagail selection of travel bags and accessories, you can check out their website here. The website also features weekly sale products and free shipping on orders over $49 and free 18 months of warranty on your items, and 60 days of free return shipping.

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