Review: Milk and Eggs Grocery Delivery

For those days, weeks or months that our schedules keep us occupied and don’t allow us the time to casually browse the aisles at the market, online grocery services are a time saver.

I’d always heard of these online grocery services, however because I was so accustomed to physically going to the grocery store I never gave it chance.  However, for the last two months I have been ordering my groceries off of Milk and Eggs.

Milk and Eggs is an online grocery delivery service. Their mission is to connect people with the best foods. Essentially the way it works is you first order online from their vast selections of breads, meat, fruits, vegetables, drinks and more. Then local farms deliver their products to Milk and Eggs’ Sorting and Aggregation Warehouse. After that the driver picks up the food and ships it to your house. And the best part is you get your food delivered early in the AM on any date of your choosing. So you can pretty much schedule your entire month of food deliveries in one sitting.


My first time ordering from Milk and Eggs, I ordered a variety of their breads, milk, eggs and fruit. I had them ship it to my house two days after, (they ship between 5 am and 7 am) and by 7 am I had my food on my front door. What I really liked about this is that they place all my products in a large yellow bags that keep the food from going bad. They also place ice packs inside the bag. I seriously feel as if the yellow bags are a bonus each time I order food from them because I have been able to use the bags for other things.

All the food and drinks that I ordered were fresh and delicious. The bagels were out of this world and I obsessed over their ciabatta bread- as you can tell I LOVE bread. The milk was also delicious I ordered whole milk and it was vibrant and came in a jar versus a carton which I felt preserved it’s taste a lot better.


The following time I ordered from Milk and Eggs, I branched out a little more and ordered chicken, salmon, pita chips etc. And not one item failed to deliver. It all cooked great and tasted great.

At this point when I order I pick out items I know I will love and try a few new things that I see pop up on the website.

In short, if you haven’t tried online grocery shopping, I highly recommend trying Milk and Eggs. It’s easy, prompt and delicious!

Check out their website here: Milk and Eggs Grocery Delivery.




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