New Orleans, Louisiana: It Wasn’t For Me

I’d never been to a city, state or country I didn’t like. I had heard people talk about how they didn’t like a certain place and I just didn’t get it. I thought it was because I loved traveling and I loved every aspect of it. But for the first time ever, I came across a city I didn’t like. A city that wasn’t for me and it was New Orleans, Louisiana.

I had always heard that New Orleans was an amazing state with great food and music. I heard it was lively and overall great things. So my boyfriend and I went down there for five days. We went for Wrestlemania weekend. Therefore, we had a lot of wrestling type of events planned out. But we also made time to do some sightseeing.

I booked my stay via Airbnb. For the first time ever! And we got this cute little apartment, that we absolutely loved, only a few minutes from the city center. Close but not close enough.

We were able to spend some time in the city, we walked and explored the French Quarter, we went down to Bourbon Street, and even took a swamp tour.

What I enjoyed about New Orleans was the architecture of the buildings down at the French Quarter that was lovely. But everything else was a fail.

It was hard to find food. Most of the food felt too eccentric and the rest of it was very cafeteria like. There weren’t as many accessible food locations as one would hope. I enjoy having different options and selections and I found myself having to make some uncool food decisions. And the weird part was that for a busy city, many of the food locations closed early, so the open spots were either too crowded or you had to go down to Bourbon Street.

Okay, so full disclosure… I don’t drink or smoke and neither does my boyfriend. We’re not into partying or bar hopping. So if you like this stuff, you might want to disregard my opinion. If you’re similar to us then I would listen up, (haha). Bourbon Street is a NIGHTMARE. A total NIGHTMARE. It’s crowded, dirty, smelly and plain gross. ‘There were piles of trash all over the street, masses of drunk people and it just had a horrible stench. The stench was so bad it made the restaurants look so unappealing. So if you just wanted to chill and have an appetizer, it was not ideal. We walked up and down bourbon street once and left immediately. Not what I was expecting that’s for sure!

Then during the day there wasn’t all that much to do, only walk around. You could book a few tours but there wasn’t as much selection of things to do. We booked a swamp tour which was fun. We didn’t get to see very many gators, only a handful but it turned out to be a nice boat ride. Towards the end we were able to hold a baby gator which made the experience worth it. Although, still a steep price for my liking.

All in all, I was very disappointed with New Orleans. And I was even more dissapointed that for the first time in my life I disliked a new place I visited. As a person who loves traveling and exploring it was a let down.


Anyways, if you have been to New Orleans let me know what you think about it and if you haven’t feel free to send in any questions you may have!



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