Countries and their Trademarks

Everyone is known for something.


  • Albania – Baggy Pants and colorful scarves
  • Andorra- Ski resorts
  • Antarctica- 24-hour sunlight
  • Austria- Strudels
  • Australia- outback pubs and barbecues


  • Bangladesh- Green rice fields, forests full of monkeys
  • Belarus- Onion dome architecture and mountain villages
  • Belgium- Beer, chocolate and waffles
  • Bulgaria- Over 160 monastries


  • Cambodia- monks with yellow umbrellas
  • Cape Verde- Volcanic islands
  • Cayman Islands- Shipwrecks and pirate history
  • Colombia- Coffee
  • Cuba- Cigars
  • Cyprus- Coffee
  • Czech Republic- Castles, acid rain, beer


  • Denmark – Butter cookies
  • Djibouti- Red Sea, camals


  • Egypt- Pyramids, deserts, King Tut
  • El Salvador- coffee, surfing
  • England- the Royal Family, British pop
  • Estonia- large limestone buildings


  • Falkland Islands- Snow-covered islands
  • France- Cafes, cheese, red wine, Impressionist


  • Gabon- Steamy rainforests
  • Germany- the Berlin Wall, WWII,Oktoberfest
  • Ghana- ancient forts, slave trade ruins, castles
  • Greenland- inuit people, whale streaks, glaciers
  • Guadeloupe- Sugar and rum
  • Guam & Northern Marianas- clear blue waters and white sand beaches
  • Guatemala- colorful masks, mayan ruins, rainforests


  • Haiti- voodoo, zombies
  • Hungary- water polo, goulash


  • Iceland- hot springs, fire and ice
  • India- cows, snake charmers, slums, gods and godesses
  • Ireland- Shamrocks, potatoes, leprechauns
  • Italy- pizza, fiats and vespas, roman ruins,


  • Jamaica- Reggae, Bob Marley
  • Japan- manga comic books, raw fish, samurai swords


  • Kenya- marathon runners, man eating lions
  • Kiribati- deep blue waters
  • Kyrgyzstan- Horse sausages, nomads, horseback riding


  • Laos- Long tail boats
  • Liberia- diamond smugglers
  • Liechtenstein- the Alps, tiny mountain villages


  • Macedonia- Orthodox churches, ski resorts
  • Madagascar- Pirates
  • Mauritania- Sand
  • Mexico- mariachis, dia de los muertos
  • Myanmar- Golden buddahs


  • Nambia- sand dunes, diamond mining
  • Netherlands- Tall people
  • New Zealand- Sheep, extreme sports
  • Norway- Vikings, skiing


  • Palau- large clams, WWII ruins
  • Palestine- God’s birthplace, mosques, dry heat
  • Poland- Communist architecture


  • Reunion- Volcanoes
  • Romania- Dracula, Transylvania, castles


  • Saint Lucia- Pirate hideouts
  • Saint Vincent & The Grenadines- Rock stars, royalty, yachts
  • Samoa- traditional tattoos, kava ceremonies
  • San Marino- bell towers, stamp and coin collecting
  • Scotland- kilts, castles, bagpipers
  • Slovakia- farmers, villages, mountains
  • Slovenia- fairytale castles, virgin forests
  • Solomon Islands- Spearfishing
  • Spain- flamenco, bull fighting, Picasso


  • Tanzania- baboons, Arabian palaces
  • Turkey – carpet sellers


  • United States- Burgers, fries, sneakers, jeans, cowboys


  • Vanuatu- local dancing, drumming, aqua water
  • Virgin Islands- swimming in rum, clear waters


  • Wales – castles, mountains, rain


  • Zambia- wildlife parks, Zambezi


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