10 Awesome Things to do at the Fort Worth Stockyards

Whether you’re gunning for the real Texas experience or are visiting the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and are looking for a good time, the Fort Worth Stockyards are the place to be for that Old West feel.

Here are 10 things you don’t want to miss.

Get your cowboy boots and hats ready Y’ALL!

1. EAT 

I know how generic this must sound but there are so many places to eat at the stockyards, that literally each restaurant you pass by makes you want to eat all over again.

I recommend eating at Riscky’s Steakhouse, this place really gives you the Texas feels with its decor and fresh food. They also have the best mash potatoes I have ever tasted in my life.  If you’re a  meat eater go for the steak, if you love chicken- try the grilled chicken topped with mushrooms.

In Fort Worth alone there are 8 Riscky’s Steakhouses, I guess this can tell you how good it must be.


2. Championship Rodeo 

We all know Texas is famous for their love of rodeo, so why not catch a live event? They run shows every Friday and Saturday night, attracting many tourists. Then you can say you’ve really been to Texas.


3. Outdoor Bullriding

After experiencing a live rodeo show you might want to do the real thing. But let’s face it you might not make it in one piece but no fear,  for only $7 you can ride a mechanical bull and keep all your body parts.


5.  The Fort Worth Herd 

This is the only place in the world where can witness a cattle drive-not once but twice a day. Once before noon and the second at 4pm.


6.  Get lost in a Human Maze 

This is right next to the mechanical bull, so after you’re done putting your body to the test you can put your mind to the test in a real-life human maze. This maze was also featured in CBS’s Amazing Race.


7.  Pet horses and meet real Cowboys and cowgirls 

The perfect photo op for the Texas section of your scrapbook.


8.  Shop at Stockyards Station 

There are tons of shops here, perfect for finding that perfect souvenir.


9. Visit the TEXAS COWBOY HALL OF GAME,  STOCKYARDS MUSEUM or do a historical walking tour. 


10. Visit Billy Bob’s Texas for the worlds largest honky Tonk.

Hope you all enjoyed! Let me know if you’ve been here before and what was your favorite part in the comment section below. 



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