5 Interesting Facts About Rome

I’ve been to Rome three times and the old saying of the Eternal City is true; it does take a lifetime to see all of Rome. 

The beautiful city encompassed with golden lights and historic roads is a wonder to be had and a place you need to visit and surrender all your past notions of city and life, because no one lives like the Romans do. 

Here are 5 random facts about Rome: 
1. The ancient Romans dated the city foundation on April 21st 753 BC. 

2. Besides Catholics residing in Rome, it also has a large Muslim population. 

3. Most of the cities money goes to preserving the historic buildings and remnants of the city. 

4. Most people here drive smart cars , Vespas or motorcycles. There are lots and lots of tourists. 

5. While walking the streets of Rome there will always be someone trying to sell you things in the most extreme ways, i.e. Roses, handbags, etc. 
Don’t ever skip Rome. Walk, walk, walk until you can’t no more. 


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