7 Foods You Must Try in Paris

Besides French Fries…


1. Crepes

These can be found almost anywhere nowadays, but they originated in France. Chances are they are tastier here so eat up!



2. Snails

This is for the traveler that wants to try new things. Just get your fork and poke the snail out of it’s shell; slather him in some pesto sauce and bon appetit!


3. French Onion Soup

This is for the traveler that wants something French but still wants to keep it safe.


4. Eclairs

These are some of the most popular pastries in France. The first bite will surprise you!


5. Macaroons

Do I even have to explain why you should eat these when in Paris? Let’s just look at them.

6. Baguettes

No explanation needed, just stuff your face with them.


7. Profiteroles

These are the perfect finish to a French meal, not to large but just enough to satisfy a little sweet tooth.



In conclusion, just eat everything and anything after all YOU’RE IN PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!




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