Watch “Travel With Denise” LIVE on

Hey everybody!

I am happy to announce that my blog “Travel With Denise,” can now be seen LIVE!

How? Let me explain.

Every Tuesday at 5PM PST, you can catch my live stream on‘s new video streaming app

Although, the app is currently only available for iOS users, they are currently working on bringing it for Android users as well.

“Travel With Denise,” has already aired twice since the start of August 2016. The first episode was a tour of Hollywood Boulevard and the second was a Travel Q&A.

The first episode drew a total of 43k unique viewers and over 627k likes, this does not include the hundreds of comments sent in by viewers.


The second Q&A nearly doubled those stats, it had a total of 64k viewers and garnered 403k likes. It also received hundreds of comments by viewers and was shared more across social media.


Click here to download the app. (iOS)

Check out the weekly schedule here.







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