Is Catalina Island Overrated?

As a native Californian one of the places I had always heard people talk about was Catalina Island. So I recently decided to visit the island for my birthday. Most people seem to go during their birthdays because of the special birthday discount ( 2 for the price of 1.)

With high hopes, I left the Long Beach harbor over to the island. After the one hour ride, I spotted a beautiful mountain surrounded by boats. It was a beautiful site.


I was excited because I had booked the parasailing adventure and had also received a birthday discount.  But let me tell you that if I had not booked the parasailing, Catalina Island would have been a major disappointment.


The overpriced fee to the island made it seem like there would be something more special. There wasn’t.

We walked the boardwalk back and forth. Had dinner and para sailed. After that there wasn’t much else to do.


We were stuck on the island until 7pm, and the last two hours were spent staring at seals.


So my questions is, why is Catalina Island super overpriced?

So if you’re planning a trip over to Catalina make sure you have booked something special to do or else you will be scrambling for entertainment.

And if you’re looking for someplace to go on a budget, this is not it.

Lastly, the parasailing adventure was the only thing worthwhile and I thoroughly enjoyed it.




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