The Duff Movie vs. The Duff Book

Quick Summary:

Cute and entertaining but TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM THE BOOK! They definitely played it safe in this movie and made the two lead characters more “innocent” and predictable. Although there were a million different characteristics between the book and the movie the movie was still very good and exciting to watch. I really enjoyed it, however if you are a fan of the book don’t expect the same plot other than the predictable hot guy falls in love with the duff. Good cast, diverse and stuck to their roles. A nice movie to watch with a group of friends! The book was an Easy Read. Page Turner. Predictable but fun. Kody Keplinger made the story fun and kept Bianca as real as possible. This book was exactly what I expected it to be . I really enjoyed it and recommend it highly to all lovers of young adult books.

m3_154_duff_1sht_V1.indd the-duff

10 Differences (CONTAINS SPOILERS):

1. Bella Thorne’s character as Madison is non-existent in the book.

2. Bianca Piper has sex with Wesley Rush multiple times before they fall in love. In the movie they share a few kisses and that’s it.

3. In the movie, Bianca’s friend Casey is Latin, this was not mentioned in the book.

4. The teachers in the movie do not exist in the book.

5. Toby is actually a nice guy in the book, not a douche.

6. Bianca’s father is an alcoholic and lives with her, causing Bianca’s anxiety in the book. (In the movie she lives with her mother and the father is never shown.)

7. My favorite part of the book is cut out! When Wesley Rush punches Bianca’s dad in the face after hitting Bianca with a beer bottle.

8. Bianca is not into horror films in the book.

9. There is no nightclub, no bartender and no inadvertent kissing.

10. Bianca never dances like a maniac in the book, Wesley does not take her shopping and a video of Bianca never goes viral.


As I stated earlier the movie was fun to watch but overall is at least 75% different from the book. If you want a good generic movie to watch, where the ending is predictable and the plot has been done many times before this is the movie to watch.

But if you want a little more of the confusion that soars through all teenagers than I suggest reading the book version since it’s a lot more realistic.


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