Wrestlemania 31 Weekend ( Indies Included) Live Experience!

Entrance to Axxess was a huge red carpet, lights and loud music to get you pumped!


Standing outside of the convention center.
Standing outside of the convention center.

Let me start off by saying that Wrestlemania Axxess is a million times better than Summerslam Axxess. I almost didn’t attend this event due to negative past experiences with Summerslam Axxess in Los Angeles (i.e long lines, never receiving my photos,over priced tickets and excruciating heat.) And although there were still very long lines at WM Axxess it was still worth my money. You enter the Convention Center and automatically you’re in a huge red carpet with lights, music and huge posters everywhere. Already an awesome way to start Wrestlemania week. Inside you find numerous booths where wrestlers are doing signings, an NXT ring and stage, WWE Broadcast station, a huge elimination chamber, lots of photo areas, a tiny museum with classic memorabilia,and a super large superstore. Overall, this was a nice experience, however, because I attended on a Friday- there wasn’t many big name stars. But I am thinking even of there was I wouldn’t get the chance to meet many of them because the lines ARE HUGE. It lasted 4 hours and I was there for 3.5 hrs and I only got to meet 2 superstars; Ryback and Luke Harper. Ryback was super nice and took multiple pictures with everybody and was in a very good mood.Harper was very simple (hello, picture,goodbye), which is why his line went faster.

I had the Wrestlemania app with me the entire weekend and although it was constantly sending me notifications, all the notifications were late. There was no schedule of the superstar signings anywhere, so you couldn’t pre-plan which stars you wanted to meet. Although they had them on the app, it took at least 20 minutes for it to update and by then the lines were extremely too long to wait. So you either waited in a long line to possibly get a chance to meet the wrestlers you wanted or settle to meet a wrestler you kinda want to meet in a not as long line.

I think for this event to work out better. They need more booths with superstar signings, they need to get rid of the VIP sessions because it would make line control a lot better and they need to start counting people. Also, let us know who is signing where and at what time. I want no surprises at Axxess.

Lastly, the superstore was pretty cool, they had tons of merchandise and even though there was a lot of people the lines went really fast at the register.

WWE Axxess. Indoor shot.
WWE Axxess. Indoor shot.
Ultimate Warrior Collection.
Macho Man Collection.
Belts being sold inside the Superstore.
Casket Display.
The Superstore was extremely huge. Fans could go inside the Superstore without actually having a ticket to WWE Axxess.


Besides Mania, this was the best show of the weekend! Although there was a huge parking problem, that made lots of people almost late, this was the place to be! I had not been to wrestling event so full of excitement and electricity in such a long time, the crowd was wild and there was not one empty seat.  The entire show was off the chart but the best matches of the night for were

1. Hideo Itami vs. Tyler Breeze – This was exactly what the crowd wanted, Hideo beat Breeze after the GTS and the crowd went bananas.

2.  Finn Balor vs. Adrian Neville (Main Event)- Balor defeated Neville. And the crowd was pumped during the entire match.

3.  Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte- Sasha defeated Charlotte in one of the best women’s matches I have ever seen. Charlottle got a standing ovation after the match.

The show ran from 10pm-1pm , Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens had an awesome in-ring confrontation, both men nailed great promos and lots of burns from Zayn to Owens including Zayn making fun of Owens saying Owens would text him from home asking Zayn what WWE was like.

Triple H also made an appearance and the crowd loved him, he thanked everybody for being there and mentioned that anybody who was somebody in this business was back stage including Seth Rollins, HBK, Stephanie and Vince. The crowd loved every minute of it.

This was such an amazing show and an amazing experience. I am so glad I did not miss it!

Sold Out NXT Event.
Sold Out NXT Event.


The first two matches of this event were horrible. But Johnny Gargano and Drew Galloway had one of the best matches of the entire weekend.  Drew Galloway defeated Gargano after an awesome battle in and outside the ring.

PJ Black defeated AR Fox in what was also a very good match.

The Four Way Match was also very good. TJ Perkins defeated BIff Busick, Drew Gulak and Tommy End.

Timothy Thatcher defeated Chris Hero, this was not one of my favorites but it was a really good match nevertheless.

The tag team match between Generation Next (Aries and Strong) vs. Ricochet and Uhaa Nation was nothing short of badass.

Overall, this was a really good show, best event of the night.

Mercury Rising Indie show ring.
Mercury Rising Indie show ring.
Match of the night Johnny Gargano and Drew Galloway.
Match of the night Johnny Gargano and Drew Galloway.


Although, I thought Mercury Rising was a better show than King Of Indies Night 2, it still did not disappoint.

Again, the first two matches of the event sucked. Jeff Cobb may be an Olympian or whatever but he is so green. Brian Cage had to slow down a lot for him. There was also a lot of botched moves on Cobb’s part. Cage def.Cobb.

The second match was a nightmare to watch. I was yawning. I have no idea why Vinnie Masarro is even in the tournament.. except for him booking himself. Thatcher defeated him after a 5 minute match, which felt like an eternity.

The next match was Luster the Legend vs. Adam Thornstowe. This match saved the start of the show because after the last two matches I was ready to go home. But this match was really good, I cannot say anything bad about it. The crowd also got back into the show during this match. Thornstowe won.

Next was the match that converted me into a Willie Mack fan. Although I always enjoyed Mack’s matches I never liked to call myself a fan of his but after this match I was sold.  Willie Mack and Rey Horus had a really good match that reminded me what this tournament was all about. Mack won.

Next was the Special Attraction match between Ultimo Dragon and Juventud Guerrera. Although, I expected more out of this match it was really good considering their age. Ultimo Dragon won. Fans also got to meet Ultimo Dragon for free right before the show which was really cool. And to a lot of people’s surprise, Sonny Ono accompanied Ultimo Dragon to the ring. And he pretty much stole the show outside the ring.

Then in the KOI Semi-Final Match Adam Thornstowe def. Thatcher.

Then Willie Mack def. Jeff Cobb.

Then there was another special attraction match between Grappler III and Earl Cooter. This match was so boring I can’t even tell you much about it, other than me being bored.

Next was Bobby Hart & Sir Samurai vs. Famous B & Marcus Lewis vs. Rockness Monsters (Yuma and Goodtime) vs. Classic Connection (Shapiro and Freddie Royal)

Never in my life have I disliked a match with the Rockness Monsters. And I definitely disliked this match.  Classic Connection won this battle. Nothing special worth mentioning.

Main Event was Willie Mack vs. Adam Thornstowe. This match was AMAZING! it made all the previous filler matches worth the boredom, because I am so glad  did not miss this match. After an amazing battle between the two guys Adam beat Mack with a frogsplash and Thornstowe was crowned the winner.

11081195_10200360576212535_6597529964699096931_n 10942526_10200360590492892_919802120067151355_n 10438950_10200360402088182_8158954018328791853_n


So because this was pretty much the best Wrestlemaina EVER, I am not going to go to much into detail because you either watched it or will end up watching it because well YOU CANNOT MISS THIS WRESTLEMANIA… The crowd was stoked, the event was sold out, and WWE pulled out all the stops. Every thing was great with the exception of the Divas Match, The Undertaker/Wyatt match, the ending of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and the performance by Kid Ink.

If you haven’t watched  Wrestlemania 31 …. just go watch it now!

As for things you didn’t see on TV (Random Stuff)- Ronda Rousey got a huge pop from the people who saw her first arrive, she was running down the aisle and hugging fans. Nobody knew where on earth Roman Reigns was when he entered the ring, we couldn’t see anything and there was no spotlight (I believe this was done to minimize the booing), the parking was horrible and expensive, they gave out free Razor Ramon posters after the show, they ran out of souvenir cups and nacho cheese (people got white cheese instead), and a lot of people had to watch via the screens.

Levi Stadium.
Wrestlemania Pre-show.
Seth Rollins wins.
End of the night.


Monday Night Raw was so good it didn’t even feel like a 3 hour show. Brock Lesnar got the loudest pop pf the night. The crowd was super creative with their chants, that apparently was muted by WWE during the main event.

The main event was so horrible, that the crowd started the wave. Some of the chants included: “Please Retire!” ” We are Awesome” ” Same old shit!” “Worst than Cena” and a lot more. The only person being cheered here was Randy Orton.

During the Divas match some of the chants included: ” U SUCK CENA” to Nikki, ” U SUCK BRYAN” to Brie, “U SUCK TYSON” to Natalya, and “U SUCK USO” to Trinity.

At the end of the show, fans chanted ” WE DON’T LIVE HERE” to Lillian as she announced the next show in San Jose.

Although Cena got mixed chants from the crowd he had a really good match against Dean Ambrose.

Daniel Bryan also had an amazing match against Dolph Ziggler. The crowd loved it, at one point the crowd was cheering for both guys.

Overall, this was an amazing RAW and the crowd was owning the show whether or not it was shown on TV. You had to be there. The event was sold out.

Waiting for Raw to begin.
Start of Raw with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman.


1. Buy your tickets in the pre-sale. You pay face value and get your tickets first. Always search multiple sites for pre-sale codes. (EX. WWE Mailing List, Instagram, Facebook, Boards)

2. Get your hotel months in advance, as you get closer to Wrestlemania, nightly prices for Mania go up, since they know the event is coming.

3. If you’re planning on attending Indie shows find out which ones as soon as possible the tickets do sell out and they are usually not close to Axxess, Raw or Wrestlemania.

4. Attend Axxess, on the days with longer hours, you have a higher chance of meeting more wrestlers.

5. The Wrestlemania App is helpful but doesn’t work properly.

6. Parking tickets for Wrestlemania are super expensive, you don’t have to pre-buy your parking pass, you can find parking a few blocks down(depends on location) or use the city’s transportation.



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