Discovering the Past of Italy’s Medieval Town of Noale

We know that small towns are usually not pin pointed on a map, they tend to hide and blend into the shadows of the larger surrounding cities, but what some of us may not know is that the small towns have some of the grandest stories.

As I walk through the streets of Noale Italy which is located in the northern part of Italy by popular tourist location Venice, I notice a few things.

First being the calm neighborhoods and the people walking around the small town, all of them knowing the city by heart. And after meeting the people and hearing their stories, I learned that most have families that have lived there for generations. And that the city with small curved roads and old buildings was much more than a small town.

Medieval Town.
Medieval Town.

I began my mornings in Noale, taking a stroll to the downtown part of the city, my walks were filled with greetings from passing residents and beautiful views on every corner. But, most of all as I made my way through the center of the city, my eyes kept leading me to to the tall brown tower, it’s bricks and architecture said only one thing, history.

That faded brown tower is known as “La Torre dell’orologio” and it stands watch over the city of Noale. As I made way underneath the tower, all I kept wondering and trying to imagine in my mind was the countless people that walked underneath there before me. What were their stories? Did they touch the brick walls like me? Did they know this tower would become a symbol of the city?

Making my way through the tower.
Making my way through the tower.

These are questions that ran across my mind, that will never be answered.

As I continued walking I made my way across a small bridge and into a park. A park with a pebbled walk way and never ending tall trees. As I looked to my left I saw a small river and some homes outlining the edge of the river and a boat that looked like it had not been used in a while. Then to my right was the river,grass and the remains of a castle.

The architecture was similar to the tower I had seen before, but this castle had such a strong presence like if it knew it owned that city. And after my countless walks around the castle I realized it did. This castle knew all the stories of the people who lived before and watched all who continued.

Inside the castle of Noale.
Inside the castle of Noale.

I later learned that inside the castle used to be a cemetery and that remains of bones had been found. The castle is now used to hold community events. Although, the contents inside the castle has changed some things have not. And by that I mean that this beautiful castle and its surroundings are the home of love and romance. It has been said to be the spot of the city where lovers come to marvel at each other in the darkness, if you know what I mean.

The castle.
The castle.

As I’ve said before the city is small and I think I have walked the entire city after my third time visiting and even though there is  a lot of old, the city is also has a lot of new. And it also has some of my favorite locations. So if your planning on visiting Northern Italy and decide to make a quick pit stop to Noale, here are some of my favorite local spots.

Beautiful scenary surrounding the castle.
Beautiful scenery surrounding the castle.


  1. ” Il Palio” – Trattoria- Bar

This place is family owned and is by far my favorite place to eat. After eating at countless restaurants all over Italy, I have to say this is by far one of the best. The friendly atmosphere, the medieval vibe and most of all the food is enchanting. If you go I suggest you try the lasagna, lemon spaghetti and the pizza (Of Course!).

2. “Al Filo”- Enoteca    

A view of the romantic and cozy restaurant
A view of the romantic and cozy restaurant “Al Filo”

Before I even begin to talk about the food, this is the most romantic set up in all of Noale. If your looking for a cozy place to eat and relax this is it. The decor is stupendous. And after eating here twice, the food is equal. According to locals, every night there are different items put on the menu and the chef really knows what he is doing. I suggest you try the eggplant lasagna.

3. “Caffe Scotto”

If you’re in the mood for delicious croissants, this is the place to be!

Things To Do:

  1. Visit the Castle – I suggest having a picnic, pack up some sandwiches, grab a bag of Fonzies and snack away with in a beautiful surrounding!
  2. Eat Gelato- If you have visited any part of Italy, you know there are Gelato shops EVERYWERE and I mean EVERYWHERE. No matter where you go I promise it will be delicious!

  3. Climb up the Tower- You have to check the schedule since it’s open certain times during the week but you can see the entire city from a historic location.
  4. Street Flea Market- If you happen to be in Noale on a Thursday make sure to catch the Flea Maret located in the center of the city, its a chance to buy antiques and other Italian products. If your looking for souvenirs for mom, I suggest buying the beautiful tablecloths!
  5. AquaEstate- If your visiting Noale in the summer, make sure to go to the water park, this is the perfect place to relax for people of all ages. And also go home with a nice Italian tan.

    Fields I came across during my walk.
    Fields I came across during my walk.
  6. Walk around and explore! It’s the best way to discover new things!

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  1. This looks so interest. I new got a chance to go to any small towns when I was in Europe.


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