Grab A Map and Walk All of Venice, Italy.

The second you exit the train station in Venice, Italy it’s absolute chaos. With tourists and vendors everywhere, where do you go? What should you see? And where should you begin?

And hold on, do I have a moment to snap a picture of everything? Venice is so beautiful, you want a moment to capture all of it. So in this article I will give you my tips and tricks to getting around Venice.

And if your anything like me, you don’t want to miss a thing!

This past week way my 3rd time visiting the city, and I can say that it still doesn’t disappoint and I discovered SO MANY things I had missed the first two times around.

So if your planning a trip to Venice, grab your map and good pair of walking shoes because your about to walk around one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Venice, Italy.
Venice, Italy.    

The second you open up a map of Venice your first thought might be ” Oh heck no, we’re not walking that much!” OR “Wow that is a lot, no way we’re going to see everything.”

But no fear, yes the map is full of of streets and sights to see. But I can tell you we walked all the main points of Venice in 6 hours with lost of breaks in between.

Top Things To See:

  1. Piazza San Marco- You might notice that this is the first place many people go straight too, and there’s a good reason for it. Piazza San Marco is one of the most beautiful places in all of Italy, with the grand architectures of the “Torre Dell’Orologio”, the “Basiilica di San Marco” and the “Palazzo Ducale” it is an unforgettable sight. But wait there is more, as you make you way through the Piazza you will get a grand view of the Canale di San Marco which is canal of water and somehow someway the sun is always shining bright and making the water twinkle blue sparkles. I am not just making this up, it’s right out of a picture book. From this area you can also get a nice view of Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore and Basilica Di Santa Maria Della Salute. Here you can find an array of souvenir stands, Places to eat and it’s also a pick up stop for a ride on the Gondole (WHICH I HIGHLY RECOMMEND).

    Sitting on the edge of Piazza San Marco staring at the wonderful view of Canale di San Marco.
    Sitting on the edge of Piazza San Marco staring at the wonderful view of Canale di San Marco.
  2. Punta Della Dogana– I had no idea this place existed until my third time in Venice and I when I discovered it I was both mad at myself for not coming here before and so proud of myself for making the super long walk over to this spot. If your walking the only way to get to this location is by crossing the “Ponte dell’ Academia” bridge and depending on your route it’s quite a walk. But once you cross the bridge go left and continue walking to the left. ( “TO THE LEFT, TO THE LEFT”… YES THE BEYONCE SONG) You will go through small streets until you get to the Basilica Di Santa Maria della Salute , and I promise you can’t miss it. It’s only the super large church with amazing designs. Again, keep to the left of the Basilica and walk all the way down along side the Canal Grande until you get to the final point. You’ll know your there when you see people laying on the edges and a beautiful lamp post right in the middle of the point. This is a great place to relax, take pictures and draw the exquisite view you get from Isola di San Girgio Maggiore located right across from Punta Della Dogana.

    The view from Punta Della Dogana to Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore.
    The view from Punta Della Dogana to Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore.
  3. Ponte Dell Academia– This is the bridge I was talking about in order to get to Punta Della Dogana. The reason I included it is because this is an amazing spot to capture beautiful pictures. You get an amazing view of the Canal Grande. And after you cross the bridge there are some nice steps that lead into the water for a closer view of the canal.
  4. Ponte degli Scalzi– I would say this is like the main bridge because its the one of the most crowded since everyone is taking photos. Its right next to the train station which means its one of the first things people see and its also the main way to get across to the main tourist spots. On the bridge you get a beautiful and large view of the Canal Grande, San Simeon Picolo and alot more.
  5. Rialto Mercado– This is located right before the famous Rialto bridge to left. Its kind of hidden if your not looking for it. The reason I suggest this area is because this where they sell lots of souvenirs. But most of all because you get to see another amazing view of Canal Grande. Although, there is restaurant located there it’s not as crowded as some other spots.
  6. Ponte di Rialto- Okay so I debated putting this one on the list. This is one of the most, if not the most popular tourist spots in Venice, however after going through it three times I have to argue that it is overrated. Yes, the structure is beautiful. Yes, the view is beautiful. However, it is SO CROWDED, you hardly get a chance to even look and enjoy. But I am putting it on the must see because it is super popular and you can’t go to Venice without crossing the Rialto. Just make sure to protect yourself and your belongings because it a a jam packed spot.



  1. Ride the Gondole- Yes, it’s pricey. ($80 euro) Yes, its corny. But it is my favorite thing to do in Venice! I’ve done it twice and I did not regret it either time. Tip: Try getting it at different spots so you can experience the different routes.I suggest doing it on the Canal Grande and through any small streets. It’s a peaceful ride, not only for lovers but for families too.
  2. Eat!- This may sound dumb because we all like to eat but there are so many eating spots in Venice, you can’t help but to peak in each and every one of them. Tip: Avoid the larger restaurants. The smaller the more authentic and the more delicious.
  3. Circle all the things you saw on your map. It’s fun to loo at your route, what you saw and where you’ve been.

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