How Florence, Italy Took My Breath Away Both Literally and Figuratively

My first two times traveling to Italy I didn’t go to Florence. I heard it was beautiful, I heard it many times. Maybe I wasn’t super sold on it , maybe I just didn’t get the opportunity. All I know is that whatever the reason, I was a fool not to go.

My third time to Italy, i thought nothing could shock me anymore, I thought I had seen it all (Obviously, not), even though there were other parts I wanted to visit I still thought I had it down.

I was prepared to see something beautiful, but I was not prepared to be taken away.

I was taken away by the beauty and the simplistic nature of it all.

Florence, Italy. It took my breath away.

Florence, Italy from atop the Duomo.
Florence, Italy from atop the Duomo.

My trip to Florence was everything and more. The weather was perfect. The people I went with were perfect and the views and the moments were unforgettable. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Like I do every new city I go to, I explore. And the best way to do so is by walking.

The day started with look at this and look at that. And to “Holy shit, I can’t breathe and my new fear is spirals!”

When we began going up the Duomo Cattedrale.

It may not seem like a big deal. But when your a 23 year old girl and climbing up about 1,000 narrow steps in a super confined space your bound to let out some gasps and a few cuss words.

And after I sweated out all my body fat and got to the top. The view waiting for me was hella worth it.

It was worth my fear of spiral steps, it was worth my new clothes stinking like sweat and my makeup and hair that had become undone.

When I got to the stop it was the first time I considered myself lucky.

Lucky because I was in a foreign land, lucky because I was looking at something most people go a lifetime without ever seeing.

doumo doumo2

After our adventure up the Duomo, we continued exploring the city. One of the of the other highlights of my trip to Florence was riding the famous carousel in the Piazza della Repubblica.

Carousel in Piazza della Repubblica.
Carousel in Piazza della Repubblica.

There was lots to do and lots to see. So just like me, I want you to discover Florence, Italy. Without a map, just walk and see what you find.

Hotel: Hotel Kraft– 5 stars

Eat: i Fratellini in Firenze – 5 stars

Amazing view, amazing service.


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  1. lewis says:

    Awesome story you make me want to go now for my vacation


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