It Takes A Lifetime To See All Of Rome

After traveling to Rome three times already, I’ve come to learn the major points of the city. I know what to expect, and what to avoid. I can find my way around and understand why certain things are important. I may not be a Roman guru but I would say I have the basics down.

So why do I keep traveling to Rome? Why am I still fond of the city? 154

Well, all I can say is that it takes a lifetime to see all of Rome.

At this point its the nooks and crannies that keep me fascinated.

But most of all its the moments that I have been able to create while in Rome.

I don’t know how and I don’t why, but something always happens to me when in Rome. And it’s those tiny moments that keep me in love with the city.

People say to go to Rome and see the Vatican and see the Colosseum, but its more than that. Even though those places are great. There is something underneath all that, that makes Rome golden.

When I think of Rome, I think of the color gold.

Maybe its the way the city lights look at night. Or maybe its the memories and the stories of people before me. The people we read about in history books. It’s the presence that they were once there.

In most of my travel reviews, i like to write about the places I saw and the things I got to do. But not with Rome. Rome is a city that needs to be uncovered by ones eyes.

Even if its for a couple of days you need to live Rome.

italy 2010
Me in Rome. 2010. 18 years old.
Me in Rome 2015. 23 years old.

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