10 Romantic Movies To Help Plan Your Next Trip

This one is for the girls that dream of true love, adventure and freedom.


Leap Year– The 2010 romantic comedy starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode, follows the story of a young woman who is fully committed to following her long time boyfriend to Dublin, Ireland to propose to him on Leap Year. Watching this movie its hard not to fall in love with the small roads and endless greenery that Ireland has to offer.


The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants– This is the perfect movie to get you out of that summer rut. Seeing Lena (Alexia Bledel) fall in love with a tall, dark and handsome man in Greece is enough to get any girl to wanna make the flight. If boat rides, painting by the sea and dancing are in your dreams, Greece is the place for you.



P.S. I Love You– This is the first movie that made me fall in love with Ireland, all the green hills, music and culture is enough to captivate anyone’s soul. But be careful watching this one, it’s a tearjerker!


The Lizzie McGuire Movie– It’s super hard to go to Rome and not think of this movie. Lizzie McGuire goes everywhere in this movie and who could forget her classic scene in front of the Fontana di Trevi when she first meets Paolo? I know I can’t! This is the perfect movie to watch especially if you’re going on your first solo vacation and have some high hopes of getting confused with a pop star.


Moulin Rouge!– The music, the can-can dancing and the bohemian lifestyle is the breath of this movie. Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGreggor steal all of our hearts in this 2001 film about a young poet who falls in love with a courtesan. The Moulin Rouge is a must visit landmark when traveling to France. 


Amelie- This movie is witty, romantic and brave. The kind of movie that gives you hope for the future no matter how slow your present may feel. Starring Audrey Tautou, a young innocent waitress who falls in love with doing good deeds and a nice young man. After watching this movie, Paris will be calling your name.


Mamma Mia!– Not only is the 2008 movie starring Amanda Seyfried, Meryl Streep and Colin Firth a classic on the stage and in the cinema, it’s a classic in all of our hearts. This musical will have you wearing flowers in your hair, dancing to ABBA and booking your trip to Greece in no time.


Under the Tuscan Sun– We all have heard of the beauty that can be found in Italy, we’ve dreamed of the villas and of the Italian bow-hunk that will one day sweep us off our feet. Under The Tuscan Sun starring the lovely Diane Lane, feeds this dream of ours to the max. This movie will make you fall in love with the independence that comes with being fearless and the sunshine of Tuscany.

Amanda Seyfried - Letters to Juliet Movie (1)

Letters to Juliet– Another Amanda Seyfried movie has us wanting to fly to Europe immediately, but this time it’s too one of the most romantic cities in the world, Verona. This 2010 film connects viewers to the hopeless romantics that follow in the footsteps of Juliet. It opens up a world of women who dream of nothing but finding that true love. If you do decide to visit Italy one day, Verona is a must stop. Visit the homes of Romeo and Juliet and even visit their tombstones.


Serendipity- Lastly, I chose a movie that makes you want to take the first flight out to New York. It’s hard not to place every single living breathing movie that takes place in New York into this category because lets face, New York is ‘hella’ romantic! With all the tall buildings, snow and breeze New York is a dreamers dream. Despite the large crowds of people that can be found here, New York always promises that you will find the one. And if you do decide to go to the big apple make sure to stop by the Serendipity restaurant, it has the best omelets, ice cream and pink lemonade.








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  1. Had ‘Amelie’ in my Top 5. Take me back to Montmarte, please. Great blog!

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    1. Yes, Amelie is one of my all-time favorites! Glad you enjoyed!

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