Rubio Canyon- Mother Nature’s Hidden Gem-Hike #2

Driving down the street of Pleasantridge Drive, one might not imagine that tucked in between two homes is a trail that leads to a secluded point atop the Angeles National Forest that brings you to a grand panoramic view of Los Angeles County. Depending on the weather you can see as far as the buildings in Burbank. And as breathtaking as the view is an added bonus is standing on top of Rubio Canyon with a city view on one shoulder and a bird’s-eye view of Moss Grotto Falls on the other.

The panoramic view of Los Angeles County. Photo Credit: Denise Salcedo. Jan 2016.
View of Mass Grotto Falls. Photo by : Denise Salcedo. Jan 2016.


The trail leading to Ribbon Rock Falls is a bit tricky, especially depending on the weather. If you go during the summer it may be extremely hot with little shade. If during rain it could be as dangerous because of possible landslides.  I went during early January on a non-rainy day and found it to be the best possible time. The grounds were moist but we didn’t have to crisscross over any water. And even though the sun wasn’t out climbing up steep mountains definitely made me break a sweat. However, you should note that once you are atop Rubio Canyon it tends to be a lot chillier, especially during January.

The fog over Rubio Canyon. Photo by: Denise Salcedo. Jan 2016.
The fog over Rubio Canyon. Photo by: Denise Salcedo. Jan 2016.


The trail begins with a narrow but clear pathway and leads into the creek bed where you will notice a water pipe. From here you just need to keep following the water pipes because the pathway from the start of the trail will no longer be there. Once you get to the area where only the pipe is leading your journey, you will be starting to make your way up across boulders. (Tip: Watch out for snakes).

This is the start of the trail. Photo by: Denise Salcedo. Jan 2016.
This is the start of the trail. Photo by: Denise Salcedo. Jan 2016.

Once the pipes end you will be at the first waterfall, however the waterfall will most likely be dried out unbeknownst to first time visitors that a waterfall should be there.


From this point, the trail will become more difficult to make out and more steep. The tip here is to keep going up and then make a left where the canyon opens up. Follow the steep trek up until you can spot the waterfall. (Note: Make your way up slow here as it becomes more steep and slippery.)

Once you make it to the top it makes the steep climb and sore legs worth it. This is the spot to relax, take photos, have a snack and just breathe and enjoy life.




Distance: 1.5 miles to and back

Parking: FREE on street

Admission: FREE

For Children: NO

Difficulty: Medium (Steep)

Hours: Open year round





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