6 Creative DIY Ways to Decorate A Travel Theme Party 

1. Flag Cupcake Toppers 

This was fairly simple, I found a $1 passport sticker book at the Dollar Tree that included photos of flags. So I cut out each flag and attached it to a toothpick. Tip: You can print out colored flags on your computer. 

2. Purchase inflatable globes and use them as center pieces

Again, I was able to find transparent inflatable globes at the Dollar Tree for a $1 each. I bought four and set them on the tables. Tip: You can also use them as hanging “lanterns.” 

3. Personalize your party with maps

All you need here is : large maps + foam poster boards + construction paper + anything glittery or shiny. 

For my first personalized item I cut out the foam board into a “D” shape for my name, then I layed the map on top and cut and pasted until it for the foam board perfectly. 

Tip : Add fairy lights so you can light them up at night. You can purchase these on Amazon. 

For my second personalized item, I didn’t cut the foam board, I just attached the map to the board as is and used my construction paper to spell out a cute quote. Then I added shiny beaded stickers on top of the lettes to help themstand out. 

Tip: I also added fairy lights to this poster board. 

4.  Photo frame for pictures. 

Photo booths are too expensive so I decided to go with something affordable and original. I got a foam poster board and cut it into the shape of a frame. Then I used my construction paper to attach a cute and simple phrase anyone can relate to and decorated. You can go many ways with this. 

5. Paris themed boxes for candy 

While shopping I came across these cute flowered  Parisian themed boxes. I though these would be cool for my candy table. However, these can be used for almost anything you’d like including a place to set candles.

6. Passport name tags

This is for parties with assigned seating. It’s a cute way to make your guests feel special and get them feeling your travel vibe. 

Hope you all enjoy these decor tips! 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. nayardt says:

    Lovely ideas!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Deedee Lewis says:

    These are cute ideas for hosting a travel theme party. I especially loved the photo frame for pictures. I think these ideas are great for kids and with a little tweaking would be fun for adults as well.

    Liked by 1 person

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