15 Great Gift Ideas for the Traveler in Your Life

1. Journal

A journal is a perfect gift for any traveler, it’s a gateway to expressing one’s self and is the one thing besides a photo that brings a detailed memory of the grand experience that is travel. 

2. Poloroid Camera

Of course any camera would be a great gift but I specifically lost a Poloroid camera because you can caption your photos and add them to scrapbooks and journals, in a cute way. 

3. Travel Organizer

I’ve spoken about travel organizers in other posts, but they’re really an essential item for all types of travelers whether causal or constant, business or pleasure. They work for the hyper organized and help those who need to work on organization. 

4. Word search book, soduku books, crossword,etc. 

Unless you find a successful way to nap on an airplane, plane rides could get a tad bit boring especially long flights. Yes, many flights offer in-flight entertainment but let’s face it sometimes we still get bored, so having one of these books handy is always a good idea. 

5. Headphones

Even though most airlines offer earphones, the quality tends to be poor. So it’s always best to have a good pair of headphones you can take with you everywhere. 

6. Pillow cushion

Almost every person you see at an airport will own one of these. They are very popular and you can’t go wrong with buying one of these for that trailer in your life. 

7. Scrapbook and/or scrapbook accessories

This is the ultimate way to capture a trip in a way that is unique to the travelers personality. Even if they already have a scrapbook you can buy scarp booking papers,and stickers because a scrap-booker enthusiast can never have enough of these. 

8. Scratch maps

One way of documenting ones travels is through a scratch map, it’s a fun and interactive way of  showing everyone places you’ve gone to. 

9. Travel Coloring Book 

I recieved one of these books for my birthday and it was by far my favorite. It’s an inspired coloring travel book meant to relax and free your mind. The pages are so intricate, and all travel lovers will go nuts over it.

10.  Portable Rechargeable Power Stick

Travels tend to be out on the streets more than their hotel, so chances are they may need an extra charging tool for their phones handy. 

11. Adapter

These are one of the most needed essentials in a travelers life but the most in un-exciting to go out and buy. Give your traveler a break and buy one for them. I promise they will hug you. 

12. Decorative boxes

Many travelers collect items while abroad. These boxes are not only beautiful but are perfect for storing those items. 

13. Selfie Stick 

Even with a fancy camera, it’s still hard to take a group photo without having to ask a stranger or even a photo by yourself. Get your traveler a selfie stick, they are small and portable and can fit. In any purse or backpack. 

14. Push Pin Maps

If you don’t like the scratch map idea listed above you can always do the push pin maps, these are another unique way to proudly display your traveling ventures.

15. iTunes or Play store gift cards

Chances are your traveler will be using his or her  phone , iPad, etc to entertain themselves on the plane ride over. With one of these they can buy books or download new music without taking out from the travel fund. 

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed these ideas. However, just remember that every gift that is thoughtful is appreciated.  If you don’t know what your traveler may need, ask them to give you a list. Or take your chances with clothing, shoes, money and gift cards. 


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