The Other Side of the Golden Gate Bridge: Sausalito

When most people think of the Golden Gate Bridge the first thing that may pop to mind is San Francisco, but as travelers we know that sometimes the most exquisite gems are found away from the big piles of gold. So let’s unravel one of San Francisco’s best kept secrets; the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito. Sausalito is derived from the Spanish word sauzalito, meaning “small willow grove” and with its breathing taking scenery, history and array of things to do and see, Sausalito is quickly becoming a part of any travelers go to list when visiting Northern California.

Golden Gate Photo-Op Spots

Get your cameras ready! Sausalito is a place for viewing, exploring and indulging and you can start by discovering the picturesque views of Sausalito by visiting places like Vista Point, where you can capture the most fascinating pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge and get up close and personal with the large structure by taking a stroll underneath the bridge in one of its small trails that leads to more impeccable photo op spots.

After Vista Point you can continue your walk west up the hill and make your way to, Battery Spencer. Here you get an angular view of the Golden Gate, the city and the bay all while getting a blast from the past with old military ruins including artillery pieces, bunkers and forts. Some argue this is the best view of the city.

Another spot to enjoy a perfect view and relax is Rodeo Beach. You can stay active by taking a dip, having a picnic, walking your dog, catching some waves, hiking or exploring the lagoon. With colorful stones on the ground, blue sparkling waters, and grand hills it’s very easy to feel like you’ve found a spot right out of a movie.

Places To See, Things To Do

Sausalito has many characteristics that make it worthwhile, with one in particular that is not to miss and that is Bill Dan Balancing Rocks, a balancing act with rocks by a street performer that is so good it leaves people astonished and a great place to keep kids entertained.

Sausalito is a place to spend a few days, capture views and explore. Other favorable activities for  people of all ages include the Marine Mammal Center, where you can see the work that goes into rescuing, and rehabbing sick mammals.  This place warms your heart and is a great place for children to learn and have fun.

Other cool discovery places Sausalito has to offer are the Bay Area Discovery Museum and the San Francisco Bay Model. The Bay Area Discovery Museum is a children’s museum and perfect for families. At the Bay Model you can literally get a better reference as to how large the San Francisco Bay really is.

Sausalito also offers their own version of Fisherman’s Wharf but in a smaller scale with their Boardwalk, here you can do some shopping while adoring some views of the ocean and its hillsides.

In the End

So whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway from the big city, an adventurous place for the family or simply want to add another stop to your trip, Sausalito is just a ferry ride across the bay, a boat ride past Alcatraz or a drive across the Golden Gate Bridge.



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