California Highlights: Carmel Valley

Carmel Valley is one of the seven wine regions which make up Monterey county’s unique wine experiences. It is tucked inside of the Santa Lucia Range, which offers tourists and locals a towering view of endless greenery and tall mountains. It is home to some of the most extravagant resorts and the best of the wineries, with over 20 vineyards and tasting rooms, Carmel Valley is quickly becoming one of the most romantic and leisurely escapes in California.

Imagine the late 1940s, a time of war, fear and sleepless nights. Thinking back one might only picture heavy war machinery and a cloud of dust. But unbeknownst to the world, many things were growing and many places were evolving underneath that cloud. One of which was Carmel Valley. Back in the day before the Grapevine Express Route 24 drove you to the connected wine tasting rooms and before the large resorts, Carmel Valley was a getaway spot for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars because unlike its surrounding cities, it reaches warmer temperatures and is considered a sunny place and during the time of the second World War, this was the hideout for the rich and the famous to enjoy their grand mansions, seclusion and indulge in outdoor recreation.

And since then it has continued to uphold the luxurious status that once housed actress Doris Day, Bette Midler and even Clint Eastwood. With all the picture book scenery that adds to California’s wide range of landscapes, its large open spaces, and luxury at its highest value Carmel Valley still attracts the stars and now the couples seeking romance, the families seeking tranquility, the explorers and the wine enthusiasts.





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