Quick Blurb: 14 North FWY: My Super Mini Road trip

The other day I took a quick road trip to Lancaster, California- I am not really sure if  my 2-hour drive from Bell Gardens to Lancaster actually qualifies as a road trip, but we’ll just call it that for now. So on my Super Mini Road Trip, I drove through the 14 North Freeway and considering that I don’t usually take this route, I was amazed by the lovely scenery at both my shoulders. The Californian mountains made it hard to look straight forward.

While I was driving to my destination, I couldn’t help but think about how crazy it was that just an hour past Downtown LA we had these beautiful mountains so up-close to us. Granted we have mountains all around here in California, but there was something more specific about the ones along the 14 North Freeway. Their shape and colors kept my head turning.


So what I am essentially trying to get at in this quick blurb is that:

A. You should take a drive on the 14 North and…

B. Take a drive on a route you’ve never taken before, you’ll be surprised on what you can find just around the corner from your home.

Where you should go:

  1. Vasquez Rocks- I have visited this place once, and since I’ve last gone, I keep thinking about how I need to go again! This place is super cool and unique. It’s an easy mini hike with lovely views and a great picnic area.  This is great spot for families who want to spend the day out and about or for couples who want to try something new.

Vasquez Rocks


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