MyLücke: The Airbnb for Parking Spots in LA

Anybody who has ever visited  Los Angeles, even for a day knows that parking in the city is not always the funnest or most convenient. Not financially convenient and not timely. Most locals who drive know that if you’re going anyplace in the LA region, you should not only make time for traffic, you should also make time for finding a parking spot.

Within the last year, my car has been towed, and I’ve received multiple parking tickets for minor parking violations.(No fun!) All because parking in LA is not always the most helpful. You have to read countless signs posted on a single pole just to decipher whether or not you can park there.

At this point, everyone I know has found themselves in a similar situation, but now a possible solution to this parking nightmare has been created.

MyLücke is a new app available for iPhone users that aims to solve the parking dilemma in Los Angeles . It’s similar to the popular housing rental app, Airbnb, in that regular people (like you and me) can list private parking spots.Not only can you help someone find quicker parking , you also make a profit.

The way the app works is simple. Take a look.

Step 1: Add a Vehicle (The one which you will be driving.)




Step 2: Add a form of payment. (For easy on the go transactions.) 



Step 3: Start looking for your parking spot!






On MyLücke, since Renters (parking space providers) set the rate, the prices are variable in comparison to public parking or alternative parking apps. In most cases, parking rates in the city fluctuate based on event, date and time- so at times you can pay anywhere from $10 to $50 in Downtown LA. And we all know that means less spending money!

However, MyLücke currently offers hourly and daily rates , and as an added bonus they will be releasing another iOS version that includes weekly and monthly reservations.  So the prices will fluctuate depending on the location and features of the parking space.

After MyLücke gets settled in Los Angeles, it’s next stop will be San Francisco-which has just as much parking issues as LA.





Meet The Woman Behind MyLücke

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Founder & CEO, Emily Webb 

After founder & CEO, Emily Webb, moved to Los Angeles, she noticed how even a short 30-minute drive can become a full hour task if a driver is forced to add extra time to seek parking once they arrive at their destination. Emily was paying outrageous amounts of money for public parking, oftentimes $30- $40 a day – not to mention the cost of tickets for expired metered parking and street cleaning. Plus the extra time looking for parking ruined the driving experience and caused her unnecessary delays and stress. For most people, the lack of reliable, cost-effective parking can become a daily inconvenience and ultimately, effect the lifestyle and happiness of people’s every day experiences. And it is MyLücke’s goal to exploit vacant and available parking space while allowing everyday people to generate additional income from their parking.  




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  1. Kate says:

    Looks like an amazing app that will be super useful!!!


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