8 Things Every Girl Needs in her Beach Bag

Just in case you’re the forgetful type, here is a simple checklist for the eight essential items you may need for your beach day.

  1. Towels –

    Take one to lay on and one to dry yourself with. beach-towel_144858547

  2.  Sunscreen-

This is mandatory for the care of your skin. Make sure to keep reapplying.

      3. A book/magazine-

For entertainment.

       4. iPod-

Perfect for those summer vibes.

         5. Sunglasses/Hat-

Who says you can’t look Vogue at the beach?


          6. Cell Phone-

For selfies.

          7. Extra clothes-

So your ride back home won’t be uncomfortable. I suggest a tee and and some shorts.

            8. Your favorite snacks –

Because we love to eat!


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  1. Infoélla says:

    Great post!! Super helpful!


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