11 Date Ideas in SoCal (Summer Edition)

It’s not always financially easy to book that dream summer vacation to Costa Rica, Cancun or Miami. Especially for two. Double the price and let’s face it double the financial stress. It seems that in order to really enjoy a vacation for two, you need to save months in advance. BOO! We don’t want to wait forever- so why not treat your hometown as a vacation spot?

I had heard of this concept a lot actually. I read it magazines- they all said things like ‘act like a tourist in your city’ and ‘travel in your city.’ I kept thinking that this was a cheesy, sad way to pretend like you’re on vacation and quite honestly I didn’t want to spend date night riding the big red bus in front of celebrity homes in Beverly Hills. Let’s face it, I rather stay at home and watch Netflix, meanwhile saving for that big trip to Costa Rica.

So instead I took it upon myself to find close by adventures for not only myself and my boyfriend but for others who want to SPICE THINGS UP and try new things.

So here’s a list of places, things to do, and tips.


  1. Paddleboarding, Rafting, Kayaking-

    Okay, it summer! Which means you should be doing some sort of water activity.

There are so many cool spots to try these things at, one of the sites I have used is Tributary White Water Tours  for white water-rafting in Northern California, but they have many other cities you can try this at, including rafting near Los Angeles.

2. Boat rides and dinner at Rainbow Harbor-

Rainbow Harbor is located in Long Beach. Here you can find countless activities, some of my favorite include a short boat ride on the Long Beach harbor and dining, they have a nice selection of restaurants to choose from. My favorite is Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que, their selection of barbecue sauce is impeccable.


3. Beaches GALORE-

Do I even have to explain this one? It’s fairly obvious that we have tons of beaches in California. Stop going to the closest one by your house and try a new beach, you’d be surprised at what a small difference it makes. Take advantage of it bro, you live in SO CAL!!!!

Tip: Pick one at random. Grab a bathing suit, a towel and your favorite snacks!

4. Late night star gazing at Signal Hill Hilltop Park

This is a good one for those days when both you and your beau have worked all day and maybe just want to get out of the house for a while. Just take a break, sit down with your loved one and look out at the ocean and the city that lives with it.


5. Play ‘I SPY’ at the Griffith Observatory with views of the entire city-

This is my favorite place for views of LA.  Just go, you’ll see why.

6. Hike and Picnic-

Out of everything I’ve ever done, anywhere in Southern California, hiking at multiple places has always been the best thing. I suggest hiking in Altadena, it has some of the best hikes and best views.

Tip: Take a light picnic, you’ll want it one you get there. Also, take a selfie stick for better pics of the two of you.

7. Play dress up and Eat at the chic restaurants at Old Town Pasadena

There is nothing more romantic that wearing your favorite little dress and having your man take you out someplace with cool vibes and good food. Make sure to eat someplace new, too.

Tip: Guys, buy her flowers beforehand. (I don’t normally melt over flowers but for summer nights light these, yes.)

8. Roller coasters and snow cones at Santa Monica Pier

There are many things to do here. There is Santa Monica Pier, where you can eat and ride rides. You can lay out on the beach. Or you can go shopping at the nearby shops, there are TONS of stores to choose from.

Tip: Everything is walking distance, but still wear comfy shoes.


9. Bike riding-

Anywhere. Pick a spot. Rent or buy. Make a day of it.

10. Take a drive down PCH or pick a new city you’ve never been to-

Either way Road trip!

11. Try something new from Living Social or Groupon

This really is a cool way to maybe try something you’ve always had your eye on.




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