7 Reasons Carlsbad Lagoon is the PERFECT Summer Spot

This summer I promised myself that I was going to get out there and try new things. I’ve always been enthralled by water sports, even though some are too extreme for me and I am afraid of large bodies of  water. Regardless, I still want to try things and have fun doing them.

So, this past week I drove about an hour and a half over to San Diego County for water sports in Carlsbad Lagoon. It was my first time going, and so I really didn’t know what to expect.



Turns out that Carlsbad Lagoon is officially one of my new favorite summer spots in Southern California. Why? Because it’s a family friendly, cool, relaxed place where people can venture into trying new activities. The lagoon is clean and beautiful and the staff is friendly and helpful.


I signed up to do kayaking with my boyfriend, I had tried kayaking once before in Cancun, and it was kinda scary. But after trying it at Carlsbad Lagoon, the fear went away, once we got the hang of ‘ how-to’ maneuver the kayak; it was easy, breezy, kayaking from there. However, kayaking isn’t the only awesome reason you should go to Carlsbad Lagoon.

Here are 7 reasons Carlsbad Lagoon: California Watersports is the PERFECT Summer Spot.



1. Long list of activities to try.

Wakeboards. Waverunners. Water Skis. Peddle Boats. Kayaks. Canoes. Stand up Paddle Boards. Aqua Cycles. Boating. Canoes. Kayaks.


     2. You can take lessons.

          They also offer a summer youth camp. Check site for scheduling.

   3. You can bring your own snacks and drinks.

          They have an area at the start of the lagoon filled with tables under umbrellas where             you can sit, relax and enjoy the scenery and activities on the lagoon.

   4. Beautiful scenery

            The second you get a glimpse of the lagoon, you’ll notice that it has a simplistic                       charm to it. The water glistens with the sunlight, and there is an overall sensation of             tranquility. Just you and the water. And as a clean freak, I have to applaud the staff                 for keeping it very clean.


    5. Don’t worry about forgetting anything, they have a Beachwear store.

          They have a shop with every thing one might need; bathing suits, sandals, sunscreen, phone protectors, towels, etc.


          6. Private beach

           One you get a few minutes into the lagoon, on the left side you will spot two small beaches. This is a great spot to get some photos in and enjoy the sand in between your toes.


            7. Free Parking

             They have a sandy hill lot located by the lagoon where you can park your car for free. Who doesn’t love free parking!?

Tip: The earlier you arrive, the less crowded it is.


Address: 4215 Harrison Street
Carlsbad, California 92008

Telephone: (760) 434-3089



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  1. Wow this is a perfect summer spot, I will add it to my summer spot list 🙂


  2. I love SoCal so much! Next time I’m in town, I’ll have to check out Carlsbad.


  3. Sheila Marie says:

    love your blog and enjoyed reading this blog post.


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