Runyon Canyon: The Most Popular Hiking Spot In LA

I first heard of Runyon Canyon on Instagram. As an active “instagrammer” living in LA with many friends in the LA area, it was not long until my feed was a bombardment of beautiful images of other bloggers and influencers at Runyon Canyon. Automatically, I was interested.

It still took me a few months to finally get out there considering that I already had other ventures lined up but the Runyon Canyon hype was already set in motion.

So, I finally grabbed my GoPro and decided to head out to Runyon Canyon. And here is what I learned.

First of all, if you want an easy and fast daily hiking spot, this is the perfect place. It’s a straightforward easy trail with a few other exploratory options but overall one simple clear path.

Most of the path is uphill which is strenuous but doable. Most people go with their dogs, so seeing the different breeds as you make your way to the top of the trail is entertaining due to all the dogs. If you hate dogs or are afraid of them, I would tell you not to go. I am somewhat afraid of dogs so I caught thyself jumping in fright a few times and walking the other direction when I saw one coming towards me-but that’s just me.

Once you get to the top, you are rewarded with a lovely view of all of Los Angeles. The buildings, the homes, the freeways-it’s all wonderful.

In short, I can tell why this trail is super popular. It’s easy, next to the city and a good photo spot.




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