Snow Tubing at Mount Baldy! + VIDEO


As a travel blogger & vlogger, I am always up for trying new things. And I came across snow tubing at Mount Baldy while surfing through Groupon. I’d never been snow tubing prior to this and in fact had only been in the snow once before. So why not give it a try?!

Here’s how it went…

First of all I could not believe that I had not driven up to Mount Baldy  before considering it took us less than an hour to get there from La Habra, California.

After parking our car and checking in, we took a ski lift to the top and we especially enjoyed the lovely view.The day was chilly enough, but once we arrived to the top of the mountain is was next level cold. So be prepared to dress warmly!


After that you wait around the tubing area until your time slot hits. There are four time-slots available:

#1 | 8:30am-10am

#2 | 10:30am-12pm

#3 | 12:30pm-2pm

#4 | 2:30pm-4pm

We chose the third slot, and considering we went on a Saturday there was a good amount of people there and we still got the change to ride the tubes three times. Which believe it or not is enough to make the trip worth it!


Riding the tubes was extremely fun, especially when you ask to get spun and ride with another person. It was safe for children and adults. The staff was friendly and efficient.

Other things to do include skiing and snowboarding. There is also a restaurant where you can while you wait for your turn or after you’ve finished tubing. I recommend doing it after because of the spinning.

Anyways, snow tubing at Mount Baldy was worth it and I highly recommend people to give it a try. It’s a good way to spend a few hours outdoors having fun.


Check out their website here.


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  1. Evangelina says:

    I don’t know you but I just wanted to say this is an adorable picture of you. 😊


    1. haha! Thank you for your sweet comment!

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