The Museum of Ice Cream Is A Must For LA Instagrammers

The Museum of Ice Cream is officially kicking off it’s LA run starting April 22nd. The six week exhibit is sure to be a hit with bloggers and Instagrammers.

When I first heard of this museum, I seriously thought it was going to be all about different ice cream flavors and their origins; weird, right?

You’ll be glad to know that I was most definitely wrong! And come to think of it my original theory is incredibly boring.

What the museum actually is, is a super cool walk through featuring ice cream in artistic ways.  So if you’re a picture obsessed millennial like myself, wear a cute outfit and bring a friend to snap tons of awesome Insta pics!




The first room you enter is a pink room with tons of telephones up against the wall. Then from there you go into a California themed room where they serve you a very delicious banana flavored ice cream.  And make sure to look down because you’ll be walking over Hollywood stars.




I was pretty composed after the first two rooms but it was the third room that blew my mind! The BANANA portion of the exhibit. This to me was like entering Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. HERE YOU COULD SCRATCH THE WALLS AND SNIFF THE BANANAS. And there was a SWING and hundreds of BANANAS HANGING ON THE WALL.





After that, you go into the Mint Room, where you can actually smell mint. This was actually my least favorite out of all the other areas. Following that was the sherbet room, another great photo spot!



Then there is the room with the lollipops on the wall, by far one of the best parts of the exhibit. And if you’re still craving a treat after the first ice cream, the gummy bear room is next and there is actually someone standing there waiting to serve you gummy bears.




After that, you can make your way into the Sprinkle Pool area- and make sure your socks are matching because you do need to take off your shoes. THEN SINK INTO A PILE OF SPRINKLES. This is where you’ll see most people taking photos and it’s the most crowded portion of the exhibit aside from the swing in the banana area.

After walking the entire exhibit, you can end your day with a game of ping pong or by buying cute stuff from the gift shop!

Either way, The Museum of Ice Cream is a fun place to spend a nice hour looking at cute exhibits and getting great pictures to fill that Insta feed!



Click here to visit the website. 


Address: 2018 E 7TH PLACE LOS ANGELES CA 90021

Tickets: $18- Children & Seniors , $29- Adults 

DATES: APRIL 22- MAY 29TH 2017 


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