New York City Adventure + VIDEO


Like millions of other people from around the world, I’ve always had a fascination with New York City. Since I was a child, I would tell my mom that I wanted to go and finally when I was thirteen, I made my way over. I fell in love with the city and dreamed of moving over there for years.

Flash forward a few years later, a great work opportunity came and I was able to visit the city that had lived in my memories for so long. And not only would I go back, but I’d go back alone. Clearly, I’d gone places alone many times but this time it was my dream city. My dream city with tons of people, a subway system that I was no familiar with and an expensive city. I was definitely a little nervous.

However, I ended up spending a lovely five days in New York and all I can say is that it reminded me of the many reasons I had loved it so much in the past.

I stayed at the Chelsea International Hostel- mainly because I was on a budget. And I was able to stay here for only $420! Which, to some people this may sound pricey but it is New York and it was 5 total nights. So this was a major saving!

I would be working three out of the fave days, so I had limited time to venture throughout the city. I did make it to the main landmarks such as : The Statute of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Top of the Rock, Times Square, etc. I toured the downtown portion and the uptown portion. Ate tons of pizza, bagels, hamburgers, and donuts. If you don’t know this already, there are SO MANY places to eat at in New York. It’s insane the amount of food and its not easy strolling past it.

Other than that, I had an amazing time touring the city and falling back in love with it.







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