Bubble Soccer Experience + VIDEO



If you’ve been browsing Groupon recently then I am sure you have come across Bubble Soccer.  Maybe you’re wondering if you should give it a try or not. Well, of course the second I saw it, I knew I was going to one day give it a try.

So, when my little brother turned 10, I knew this would be a new and exciting place to take him and our siblings besides the usual trip to the movies or Chuck E’ Cheese.

I was going to originally book my Bubble Soccer experience through Groupon for $99 but turns out that if you call the actual location you can get it for a lot less and you can bring as many people as you would like.

I booked it with Indoor Soccer Center in El Monte, California which is isn’t too far from where I live. I ended up paying $85 for an entire hour, for as many people.

Here’s what you need to know about this activity: 

  • It gets EXTREMELY HOT inside the bubble- you will sweat like crazy.
  • The bubble is hard to actually put on securely. There is a chance that kids will be loose inside the bubble.
  • Some people cannot handle being inside the bubble- I know this because my mom found it too difficult for her.
  • The bubble is heavy!
  • You will fall a lot. It’s pretty fun.
  • Chances are you won’t actually play soccer, you might just play with the bubble and make up your own game.
  • I recommend wearing light clothing, but if you wear shorts; note that if you fall you will scrape your leg. ( This happened to me.)


Location Review :

The Indoor Soccer Center was easy to get to and had a lot of available and free parking. The staff was fifteen minutes late for our session but friendly. However, they were gone a majority of the time. So, if you’re planning on grabbing a snack from the snack bar get them while you see employees or they will disappear.

The actual area where you play soccer is big and they have two courts. There isn’t very many places surrounding this center other than the swapmeet. So if you plan to eat afterwards you will have to drive a bit.

Overall, I did think this was a fun activity and the kids loved it.

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