First Hike of 2016: Eaton Canyon

As the start of 2016 looms over us, the need for thrills and new beginnings rushes through me. One of my personal goals this year is to be more active and try new things, you’d think that as a travel enthusiast I would have already hiked all of California but the sad truth is that I haven’t. So I invite you to embark on a digital journey with me as I discover the hidden treks that my home of California has to offer. And maybe just maybe I will inspire you to grab a water bottle, tie your shoe laces and go for a hike.

I chose Eaton Canyon to be the first of my hiking adventures because it is family friendly, easy and stunning.


The hike has grown popular with locals and gets a good amount of people on a daily basis and is perfect for beginners or people looking for a nice Sunday afternoon activity.


Eaton Canyon is located at 1750 N. Altadena Dr. Pasadena, Calif. 91107 and overlooks the San Gabriel Mountains. The 190-acre is home to multiple types of lizards, the Pacific Rattlesnake, mountain lions and more.

Eaton Canyon is especially popular for its 30 ft waterfall, which is considered the reward after trekking 1.5 miles to the waterfall. It is open year round and is always populated with families and dogs. During the summer or any hot day in LA, the waterfall is filled with children getting wet underneath it, however on colder days it just makes the perfect photo spot.


Overall, the hike to and back from the waterfall is about 3 miles. And is the perfect way to spend a lovely day with the family.


Parking: Free

Admission: Free

Hours: Sunrise to Sunset




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