How To Have Fun In Las Vegas, Even On A Budget

Las Vegas is the city of sin, sex and money. Anyone who has ever watched a movie set in Vegas knows that it’s the city to be in if you want to get lucky. Both physically and financially. With that being said it draws thousands of tourists year round and from all over the globe to it’s brightly lit street.

Now if you’re one of those people that really want to go to Vegas but let’s face it you’re  currently searching for pennies under the sofa cushions then this is the article for you!

Yes, Vegas is about money, money and money but the truth is to enjoy a few nights in Vegas you don’t need to spend a fortune.


  1. BOOK YOUR HOTEL AWAY FROM THE STRIP- Depending on the time and season you’re going to Vegas hotels on the strip can be pretty expensive. However, there are some hotels that are a few blocks from the strip that can cost less and be as luxurious. The cool thing about staying away from the strip is that a lot of hotels offer free shuttle rides from your hotel to the strip. THIS IS ALSO A GOOD IDEA IF TRAVELING WITH CHILDREN.
  2. STAY 1-3 NIGHTS- Vegas is a lot of fun, however it’s not the kind of vacation that requires more than a week to see all the landmarks. Vegas is about the strip, luxurious hotels and gambling. But let’s face it if you’re not an addict and just want to have a few nights of fun- it’s best to stay an average of two nights. It keeps the excitement going and saves you money!
  3. WALK THE STRIP AND VISIT ALL THE HOTELS- If you don’t have a set schedule of things to do, I would say the best thing to do is walk the entire strip. Not only is it a great exercise but it keeps you entertained and appeals to your wallet. Every hotel has its own unique style and many hotels have FREE things to do and see. This is also a great idea for those who love to explore.
  4. EAT AT THE SMALLER RESTAURANTS LOCATED ON THE STRIP– Most hotels offer many buffet options, however the price for one person can be quite high. And whichever restaurant you decide to eat on the strip is going to be more pricey than an other cities. The best thing to do is find smaller restaurants. They may be less luxurious but most of the time the food might be better and less expensive.
  5. DECIDE WHICH SHOWS YOU WANT TO WATCH IN ADVANCE- There are a variety of shows to watch in Vegas, however depending on the time and season you go, the prices for these shows can be sky high. So my suggestion is pick a show you really want to see and search the internet for deals before you get to Vegas.


Living in Southern California, it’s only a short drive to sin city if you haven’t gone I suggest giving it  a try. Whether or not you’re on a budget these are just some small ways to save a little cash.







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