5 Things for Kids to do on the Strip of Las Vegas

Many people think that Vegas is not a place for kids, well depending on the type of vacation you’re looking for- you may be right. But I am here to put your worries to rest and let you know that if you want to take your kids to Las Vegas it’s not such a bad idea.

Vegas has many ways that you can actually enjoy a nice family vacation without having to cover your children’s eyes.

  1. UNDERGROUND ARCADE AT EXCALIBUR– This is an underground small arcade in the castle hotel of Excalibur called the Fun Dungeon. I personally enjoy this arcade because it’s never crowded, there are many games and the kids really enjoy it.
  2. CIRCUS CIRCUS HOTEL AND CASINO– This is probably the most well known spot for children and where you can find the most families. Circus Circus offers daily circus acts, an Adventuredome which is an indoor amusement park and a place for all carnival game lovers- Midway.
  3. M&M’s WORLD LAS VEGAS- It doesn’t take a genius to know that kids love candy, so why not spend time drooling at all the cool stuff the M&M’s store has to offer. It’s four-floor store with each level taking you through different themes. Not only can you stuff your face with candy and get personalized items, the M&M’s store also puts on a FREE 3-D movie, “I Lost My ‘M’ in Vegas” staring everyone’s favorite red and yellow M&M’s. And if you get thirsty after all the chocolate you’re just a few steps away from the Everything Coca-Cola store.
  4. THE CONSERVATORY AND THE FOUNTAINS OF BELLAGIO– Before I even begin to explain why you should take your kids to these spots, I’ll start off by saying that its FREE. The Conservatory is a seasonal showcase of extraordinary floral art created by the Bellagio’s very own conservatory team. Kids will love getting lost in the abyss of colors and parents will find this to be a great photo op! But before you step inside the Bellagio you will be stopped by the wondrous Fountains of Bellagio. Here you can watch a majestic performance done by water shooting off over 400 ft off the ground and into the sky while in sync with classical music marking a  grand entrance into the Bellagio.
  5. BIG APPLE COASTER AT NEW YORK, NEW YORK- The second kids lay their eyes on this roller coaster they will automatically want to get on! It’s one of the very popular attractions Las Vegas has to offer and therefore you can expect long lines! The cost is $14/person.

So the next time your planning a family vacation you don’t have to cross Las Vegas completely off the list!


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