Entry #2 The Countdown is Standing Still In Time

Lately, the travel bug has rushed through my skin and my countdowns seem to have frozen in time. I’ve been spending my days browsing through the library finding new places to write about while I wait for my own adventures to begin. Sometimes as I am sitting here writing about national parks and beaches, I wonder if all my tireless efforts are worth it. One like here and there, a dozen views scattered throughout the week and my patience on a loop.

Everyday is bringing new thoughts and new journeys and my body has become restless and I enter into new projects everyday waiting and hoping for new possibilities. It’s funny because I didn’t really know what I wanted this digital journal to be about, I knew my main focus would surround my travels but as I wait to embark on those, my only desire is to write about my daily projects.

This week has opened my eyes, realizing that stepping out of my daily routine and taking in new opportunities is what keeps me going into that end goal.

Pursuing dreams is not easy, not because it’s impossible but because its a game. A game of of risk-taking, chances and facing battles- some you win, some you only learn.


Shine Bright.


65 more days till my grand adventure.


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