Old Town Pasadena: A Photographer’s Canvas

With the boom of social media; photographers, bloggers and anyone interested in boosting their feed are flocking to different areas for that specific shot that will spike up their likes and fill their portfolios.

One of those places is Old Town Pasadena or Old Pasadena, located in the original commercial center of Pasadena, California.  Today it is filled with outdoor cafes, restaurants, businesses, pubs, shops and countless photographers hidden in between alley ways taking photographs of clientele.

My first time shooting at Old Pasadena, I saw a girl getting her head shots taken along a brick wall; a break dancer showing off his moves to the camera, and a group of kids getting that perfect social media shot along a white wall.

A brick wall, and white wall seem basic enough to find almost anywhere, so why Old Town Pasadena? Truthfully, I am not entirely sure. It might be the vibe, sun light or streets. But most of all its the options.

Walking two blocks or less can get you a mess of different locations; you can shoot on parking lot rooftops; outside the parking lot along that white brick wall or you can shoot street shots with countless boutiques gracing your background. Whatever you desire, chances are you’ll find it at Old Town Pasadena.

The bonus to this locale are the numerous places to eat after you’re done shooting.

Click on the gallery to view the different places I shot in Old Pasadena with WRM Photography.




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