23 Things People Who Love to Travel Do 

1. We stare at maps endlessly, we also have vast collections of globes, maps, etc.

2. We follow a million travel Instagram accounts.

3. We plan hypothetical trips in our minds and research plane costs and things to do in that particular city. ( Spend hours on Trip Advisor.) 

4. We daydream and reminicise about past and dream trips. 


5. We document our travels. (Blogs, Scrapbooks,Circling/Pinning Maps.)

6. Our iPad and cell phones are filled with travel apps.

7. Movies easily inspire us to visit particular countries or cities. 

8. We like to meet people from other places and ask them a million questions. 

9. We work for our next dream trip. We create travel piggy banks.

10.  We choose making memories and having adventures over buying materialistic items.  

 11. We create mental notes of places and things we want to see. 

12. We plan our trips before we’ve even taken off to our upcoming trip.

13. Countdowns, packing, and flying on airplanes is our bread and butter. 

14.  We are guilty of having multiple travel credit cards just to earn points for a discounted trip.

15. We enter every contest in hopes of winning a free trip.

16. We don’t mind traveling alone. In fact, we love it.

17. Secretly weak in the knees for souvenir shops. 

18. We dream of filling our homes with travel antiques and items we’ve collected throughout our journeys.

19. Travel journals are a MUST-DO. 

20. We invest in cameras, go-pros and selfie sticks just to capture every moment. 

21. We take moments of solitude seriously. A great view and just breathing is enough to make it all worth it. 

22. We rather be poor than miss on an adventure. 

23. Travel memes always nail it. We can’t scroll past them.



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  1. Awara Yunus says:

    Very Very True.. Awesome Post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. HikeSnobs says:

    it’s pretty crazy and funny how true this is! haha

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